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and can be emailed to or by mailing to

City of Lakeside Park 

Attn: City Clerk 

9 Buttermilk Pike 

Lakeside Park, KY 41017



City of Lakeside Park Survey Form (2024)
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Please take this opportunity to complete the attached City Survey to provide your input to the city regarding its services, programs, and events. If you prefer to submit your responses online, visit our website at

The information you provide will be used by the City for internal purposes only and will not be disseminated to any outside person, group, or entity.

City of Lakeside Park – Resident Survey

Please complete and return this survey to the City Building by June 15, 2024.
If preferred, there is a link on our website to complete and submit as well.
City of Lakeside Park - 9 Buttermilk Pike - Lakeside Park, KY 41017


General Survey Information: 


1. Considering all the services together, how satisfied are you with the quality of services provided by the city?

4. We are interested in your perception of the quality of services provided by the city, even if you have not had personal experience with them. How would you rate the following?

Street Repair
Snow Removal
Street Cleaning
Police Protection
Fire Protection
Life Squad
Trash Collection
Animal Control Services
Access to the City Building
Obtaining Answer to Your Questions
Enforcing Ordinances
Communication through Newsletters
Recreational Activities
City Signage (Street Signs)



1.Have you or any member of your household attended any recreation events in the past 12 months?
5. What age ranges are your household members? (Please check ALL that apply)
6. Do you have any special needs family members?
If yes, what age is the Special Needs individual?

Police Department: 


1. If you have had personal contact with a police officer, how would you rate the following? 

Professional Demeanor

Social Media: 


1.Have you ever accessed the Lakeside Park website (
2. If YES, how often?
3. Do you follow the city on Facebook (
4. Do you follow the city on X (formerly Twitter) (
5. Do you receive the city newsletter
6. Are there any SERVICES which you believe the city?

9. Was a DUPLICATE  QUESTION on the paper survey, please DISREGARD

How long have you lived in Lakeside Park?
Do you own or rent your home?
In what age ranges does your household members fall? (check ALL that apply)
If you have any special talents or skills which you would be willing to volunteer to the city or if you own or manage a business that would be interested in donating services to the city, please contact the City Office at 859-341-6670.

Thank you for taking the time to offer your opinions!